Peter Caron


Director, Service Delivery and Integration

Presentation title

Migrating and Running Continuous Integration Systems at Scale in AWS


For more than 20 years I have worked in software development and deployment, system administration, operational support services and most recently in corporate transformation. With extensive senior-level management experience, I have actively developed advanced technical applications and am highly experienced in systems and network administration with a focus on both technology integration and continuous integration / continuous delivery. I am committed to both continuous integration and DevOps as a software development methodologies.

In past roles, I have managed large teams, complex projects and large IT budgets while implementing innovative technical and methodology changes. Extensive practical experience has enabled me to lead a company-wide software development transformation to CI/CD and DevOps methodologies.

While equally comfortable working in companies from start-ups to multi-nationals; managing and leading developers or SREs, presenting at events, to company boards or to customers large and small, I am most at home working directly with development and operations teams to improve systems and ways of working.

My experience includes software development (mobile and server), continuous integration and delivery, release management, cloud architectures, databases (RDBMS and NoSQL), advanced system administration, security and virtual private networks, project planning and conceptualisation, as well as creating and giving high-level technical trainings.