Volodymyr Bilonenko


R&D lead, HERE Services Strategy and Innovation Team

Presentation title

Producing 3D landscape from raster input data

Summary: How high definition surface data is produced, why navigation systems need it and how to work with it.

Audience: Developers and R&D Managers who work with 3D map data, computational geometry and visualization


Volodymyr has a long-lasting passion for digital cartography and location technology.  Shortly after graduation, Volodymyr build a location search engine for Kyiv city when such service was not yet provided by search giants. Later this project brought him to a Team Lead role at Yandex.Maps.

Following his passion for digital cartography, Volodymyr joined HERE Technologies at 2015. At HERE Technologies, Volodymyr leads a powerful cross-functional team where technologies like Computer Graphics, Computer Vision and Cloud are used to build and validate new products.